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Is The Briard The Right Dog For You?

Published August 08, 2023
Is The Briard The Right Dog For You?

Is The Briard The Right Dog For You?

 The Briard is a beautiful, strong dog. They're frequently incorrect as being lower than intelligent because of their look, which is frequently a heavy fleece of long hair. While it may look like these tykes are hiding their face from the world through their hair, what they're really doing is watching, guarding and defending their masters and families. The Briard has a long history of being devoted to his master dating back to the 1700's in fact. Through time, they've come excellent tykes for the home. They aren't meant for every home situation however. These tykes can be demanding in some forms.

Their Past Defines Their Character

First, realize that the dog is a working dog. He spent most of his days herding sheep and being a movable fence to keep sheep on his owner's property. He is very much a defender in this own right, too. The dog was often put in the position of defender for his charges. This often included sheep, but the Briard was more than willing to defend his master too. Often chasing off wolves as well as poachers, you will not find a more fearless companion. While you may expect aggression from this, there is not one hint of aggression in these dogs, assuming they are bred to standards.

While the dog is compassionate to a fault, he is also demanding on his owners. He will need his owners to provide him with both mental and physical stimulation if he is to stay sharp and agile. This does is not the right dog for someone with limited space or time from him. He is known for his need of interaction with the family. He will be a part of the daily life of that family no matter what they are doing. What's more, it is often seen that the Briard is able to take on the character traits and personalities of his family. The more positive and upbeat you are, the more he will be too.

Those considering the Briard should plan to spend time with him running and playing. He likes to defend and will do so in guarding his property from other animals or strangers. He is not aggressive, but he is fierce in his defense. These dogs are also very loyal to their masters. They are well known for their history of being next to some of the greatest people in history. In your home, he will expect to be that important and play a significant role in the family's life. If you can provide him with the room that he needs to play and the time and attention he needs, the Briard may be one of the best dogs to bring into your home.

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