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The World's Most Luxurious Pet Hotels

Published February 09, 2023
The World's Most Luxurious Pet Hotels


The World's Most Luxurious Pet Hotels

Would your pup be interested in a day of fun with like-minded playmates, followed by a filet mignon supper and bedtime story? Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not. These pet hotels offer award-winning service and luxe touches to keep your pet happy while you’re away.

1. The Vet Lounge, Coomera, Australia

This hot spot for pets is a combination veterinary clinic and luxury pet hotel. They offer relaxing music throughout their homey rooms and Feliway diffusers in the cat area to release soothing scents specially designed to put kitties at ease. The Vet Lounge also offers rooms with shelves for kitties to climb and pots of grass for their digging pleasure. There’s even a minibar for felines, featuring catnip and special treats. Doggies can enjoy the play areas, and for the little ones, there’s a puppy preschool.

2. Urban Tails, Dubai, UAE

Urban Tails is Dubai’s premium pet resort, offering everything from doggy swimming pools to air-conditioned limo service. There are kitty condos, junior suites with their own plasma TVs, and a webcam so pet parents can look in on their fur kids while they’re away. They also offer doggy daycare and boast three different climate-controlled play areas to ensure maximum comfort for your fur kids.

3. Canis Resort, Munich, Germany

Personal beds, quiet gardens, and pup-focused dog sitters make the Canis Resort a must for dog-loving Munich dwellers. The dog sitters offer round-the-clock care and take time to get to know each pup’s personality. As a result, they know who adores belly rubs the most and who’d rather curl up in your lap or chase a ball.

4. Essex Pooch Palace, Wickford, U.K.

With only ten rooms, each pup gets individual attention and plenty of walks among the Essex Pooch Palace’s bucolic grounds. There’s central heat to beat the English chill, chandeliers, and doggy day trips for these pampered pups. Chauffer pick up and drop off is available, and there’s a disco ball in the doggy spa for an extra festive touch.

5. West Lodge Cattery, Cambridgeshire, U.K.

We can’t let the pups have all the fun, can we? The West Lodge Cattery offers ocean view rooms for cats who enjoy watching the surf. Or, you can choose a room overlooking a fishpond. All have luxury kitty beds – of course. The staff prides itself on catering to each feline client’s desires, and they’ll even send postcards to update you on the fun your pet is having. West Lodge Pet Hotel does offer a pup-friendly section too, so no one is left out.

6. K-9 Resort Daycare & Luxury Hotel (US-based Franchise)

This luxury pet hotel chain offers five-star treatment for your pup. Rated #1 in the country by the International Boarding and Pet Services Association, this pet hotel offers Gucci dog bedding, plasma TVs, Evian water, and staff who treat your pup like their own. With locations across the US, your pup can enjoy the perks of luxury from the Mid-Atlantic to the Southwest.

7. The Barkley Pet Hotel and Day Spa (Cleveland, Los Angeles, India)

Developed in partnership with VCA Animal Hospitals, The Barkley is the place to be for pampered pets. With ice cream socials for the pups and sushi feasts for the cats, your fur-kids will give their stay four-paws ups. With a salon and pet spa onsite, you can make sure your furry companion is relaxed and well-groomed, making it a one-stop spot for pet care.

8. Somi Pet Resort, Miami

With four private dog parks, chemical-free swimming pools, and large kitty condos, there’s plenty of fun awaiting your pets at Somi Pet Resort. For some well-behaved pups, they may even score a stint on office duty! There’s plenty of 1:1 time available for play and walkies for the pups who prefer the company of people. Webcams are also available, so anxious pet parents can look in on their pups.

9. The Wagmor (Los Angeles)

Couches, pools, and customized vacation packages help your pup “wag more” at the Wagmor. Daycare and spa packages are also available, making this hotspot your dog’s home away from home.

10. Jet Pet Resort (Phoenix and Vancouver, Canada)

While many pet resorts offer fetch, pool-time, cuddles, and naps as needed, this is the only pet hotel and doggy daycare that designed the resort from a dog’s perspective. Canine specialists help ensure that every activity, wall, and scent aims to help your dog relax and feel at home. There you have it! Ten of the most woof-tastic luxury pet hotels on Earth! Which luxury pet hotel sounds best to you?
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